Organic Petrography

organic petrography

To assist in the visual characterization of total organic matter content towards a greater understanding of source rock and unconventional resource quality and quantity. To better understand vertical and lateral variability in source rock and unconventional strata to help reduce geological risk, to enhance resource assessment calculations and improve well placement for exploration and development . Maturation assessment, particularly vitrinite reflectance for integration to maturation profiles and basin modeling.

Maceral analyses

  • Microscopic analyses
  • Qualitative/quantitative maceral data generation
  • Identification/quantification of fluorescent liptinites
  • Quantification of oil- versus gas-prone macerals
  • Relationship/fabric of macerals with associated mineral matter
Maturation Assessment

  • Vitrinite reflectance (grey-scale methodology)
  • Solid-bitumen reflectance and maturation equivalencies
  • Semi-quantitative fluorescence maturity
  • Integration with spore thermal alteration indices (TAI)