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Outstanding performance and success in biostratigraphy and organic petrography, and the general exploration/exploitation business, with over 23 years of accumulated experience generating and interpreting data, integrating knowledge and providing a superior product for the client.

Offering a wide range of foundational biostratigraphic and organic petrographic services for the energy industry, working with the client to create exceptional proprietary knowledge and first-class integrated solutions.

Program of Activities

  • Bio/Chronostratigraphy Project Management
  • Palynological analyses and data integration
  • Well program development and project management

Organic Petrography

  • Maceral analyses and organic characterization
  • Maturation Assessment including vitrinite reflectance
Database Management

  • Taxonomic and synonymy reconciliation
  • Creation of digital data from archived reports
  • Evergreen maintenance of biostratigraphic databases

Training and Mentoring

  • One-on-one training for new-hire and experienced biostratigraphers and explorationists
  • One-day or multi-day in-house biostratigraphic courses