To assist in the development of well-site and post-well biostratigraphic programs of singular value to the client, to ensure recovery and subsequent generation of high value micropaleontological data. Interpretation and integration of these varied data to add value towards the development of robust chronostratigraphic frameworks and paleoenvironmetal scenarios. Working one-on-one with corporate biostratigraphers or working in a larger team towards formulation of a superior integrated interpretation.


  • Microscopic analyses
  • Generation of quantitative/qualitative palynological data
  • Chronostratigraphic/paleoenvironmental interpretations
  • Paleogeographic/paleoclimatic determinations
  • Interpretation of archived palynological data
  • Kerogen analysis/interpretation: semi-quantitative analyses
  • Pollen/Spore thermal alteration indices (TAI)

Biostratigraphic data and interpretation

  • Chronostratigraphic interpretation of varied datasets integrating foraminifera/nannofossils
  • Development of integrated chronostratigraphic frameworks
  • Integration with sedimentological/sequence stratigraphic data
  • Interpretation of archived biostratigraphic data and reinterpretation of archived data/reports
  • Collation and reconciliation of archived biostratigraphic data
  • Statistical analyses, age-depth plots, graphic correlation interpretation

Biostratigraphic data management

  • Creation of biostratigraphic databases from archived data
  • Evergreen management of biostratigraphic databases
  • Taxa/data and synonymy reconciliation
  • Graphic integration of biostratigraphic interpretations